Monday, October 30, 2017

Wolf Surrender (Wolf Cove #4) By: Nina West

I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for this book to finally be here.... It was bad enough that I put all my ARC's on hold this week, just so I could dive in.

*The Wolf Cove series has absolutely NO paranormal elements in it. It’s an erotic romance, heavy on the erotic.* 

Abbi Mitchell has battled her family and won. She finally has what she wants most—Henry Wolf, committed to her and within arm’s reach most nights. 
But now she must face his family. 
In the wake of tragedy, Abbi and Henry travel to New York to sort out his father’s affairs. What should be straightforward and quick turns out to be anything but, as a vindictive brother angles for more than his fair share, putting Henry and Abbi to the test. 
WOLF SURRENDER is the stunning conclusion to the sexy, addictive Wolf Cove Series, and should be read after WOLF BAIT, WOLF BITE, and WOLF PREY. 

This series is one of those that took me a bit to jump into.
I honestly though it was a paranormal shifter book at first glance, and it wasn't until I jumped on Wolf Bait since it was free that I finally read the description and jumped in.

And oh man was I wrong. This book is all the makings of a set CEO series. But also it's own new spin on things. and how shall I put it.... A bit more risque than books I typically read. (Although I didn't know it was gonna be that way until well into book 2)
But I found myself quite surprised by how much I loved these books.
I mean they have amazing story lines, and we'll developed characters.
But there's a lot of sexy time stuff I was not expecting and actually probably wouldn't have thought I would have liked to read, if I would have known just what I was getting into. So stepping outside my comfort zone was actually kinda interesting. It gave me a new perspective of types if books that I may or may not enjoy.

But overall this book was just the best way I could tho k to see this series and (at least I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be the end)

It wrapped up tho t's quite nicely, not leaving any frayed edges or guessing after.

And it read as a very dynamic fast paced and thrilling romance.
Seriously! This book had a bit of it all at one point or another.

And don't even get me started on the characters.
I truly like Henry and Abbi. They complement each other really well. And even as dominating and hard as Henry is most of the time. I feel like we kinda got a new side to him this book. Nina really allowed his character to grow and change. And I love seeing that happen over a series.
Abbi did a lot of the same too though. She ended this book so different than when she started and I loved seeing that growth. And how her confidence and tiredness grew as wash installment passed.

Also, something I've enjoyed a lot about this series. I'd the great secondary characters.
I've loved Ronan from the start. He's just one of those characters that draws you in. And you just want so much more from him. And Conner too. Because let's face it. They kinda come as a package deal. I honestly want more of him. But not more prequel Ronan. I want present Ronan (and Conner. And I want that book now haha)

I also really enjoyed Margo's character. I remember in book 3 not really sure what to think of her. But I have to say she's grown on me. And really turned into a fun and reliable character.

All in all I have to say this book was pretty amazing. I blew though it fairly quickly. And enjoyed every page. 
I just wish it was longer haha.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 STARS⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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