Friday, July 12, 2013

Lux Series: Obsidian, Onyx, And Opal By: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Whoo! Finally my first real review. Well just to start, this book series is by far one of my favorites right now. It took me a whole three days to read all three. Yeah I know I'm obsessed lol. These novels offer an exiting look into the lives of Katy a normal seventeen year old girl obsessed with books. She recently moved to Podunk Ketterman, West Virginia with her widowed mother to escape the life they had in Florida, before her father passed away. Daemon is the sexy and mysterious guy who lives next door to her. Daemon's younger sister Dee, befriends Katy and begins hanging out with her. Snarky and rude, Daemon doesn't want Katy close to either of them and will do anything possible to keep her at a distance, while fighting the growing attraction between them. Katy accidentally discovers that not only are her new neighbors not human, but are from a whole different galaxy. She will discover the paranormal books she blogs may not be as far away from the truth as she once thought. As she is pulled deeper and deeper into the world of aliens and government officials, she realizes that things can go from complicated, to bad, and even worse still. Between evil aliens bent on sucking the life from Daemon and Dee, to the Department of Defense (DOD) sticking its nose where it doesn't belong, Katy and Daemon will have to put up the fight of their lives to not only save each other but to protect everyone around them. Unsure of Daemons real feelings for her, Katy must decide between giving into the feelings she's been hiding, or walking away completely from the infuriating boy next door who throws every sense in her body into overdrive just from a single touch. 

Obsidian: Daemon, the HOT, sarcastic, enraging male lead may just about be one of my new fav book crushes. With his snarky personality and the witty banter between he and Katy, I am in love. The dynamics between these two characters is great. Katy comes off as your typical reserved book worm. Daemon is much more assertive and for lack of a better word, rude! Katy quickly learns to stand her ground with him, and to not take any crap from her annoying new neighbor who is hell bent on keeping she and his sister from becoming friends. As summer ends and the new school year starts, Katy starts to discover the strange things that she might be imagining about Dee and Daemon are just the tip of the iceberg. I mean hey it's not everyday you find out your swoon worthy neighbor is an Alien. This book was a great intro to the series. It offered all my favorite things; a blooming romance, witty sarcastic banter, danger, and mystery. I was drawn in instantly and could not wait to find out just how close Katy was willing to get to Daemon.

Onyx: In the second book of the series, Armentrout does a beautiful job of developing the relationships of all the characters. Daemon and Katy are joined by their freaky alien bond, as Katy struggles with her growing feelings for him wondering if they are true or just the workings of their connection. Armentrout throws a wrench into their already complicated lives. A new character Blake, or as Daemon calls him, Flake shows up in town and seems to have all the answers Katy has been looking for. The addition to Blake at first had me a bit ticked. I am all the way team Daemon and adding a second guy to start interfering with all the progress he was making with Katy had me peeved. Yes I know a good love triangle is always a good addition to a story but I am totally against it in these books. Actually, I'm not even sure you could consider it a love triangle. More like a squiggly line where Katy just kinda deviates at times. Compared to the first book, Onyx has way more drama. With insane plot twists and growing secrets it makes for an edge of your seat, can't put it down kinda book. Which is the exact kinda book I like the best. 

Opal: The exciting third book in the Lux series, which I originally assumed was the last book in the series until I finished reading it. Heck was I mad when I realized that there was gonna be at least one more book coming out and I was gonna have to wait to find out what happens. I absolutely despise having to wait for books to come out. I know it takes time to write them but if things went my way the books would just come out as soon as I was ready to read them. But back to this book. Katy and Daemon have overcome so much. Finding out some of the motives of the DOD, and dealing with the hurt of losing someone close has shattered their small group and now Katy and Daemon are left to own up to the lies and secrets they have been keeping. While certain parts of this book will leave you sad and feeling for the characters, there are also times that will leave you all mushy and gooey feeling and begging to turn the page faster. Already being betrayed once, trusting friends becomes hard for not only Daemon and Katy but Dee and the rest of their small patchwork alien family.But with no other choice what are you supposed to do. The whole book I was left wondering what was going to happen. And every time you think you know what direction the book will take you wind up WRONG WRONG WRONG. And don't get me started on the ending. Let's just say holey freaking cow! I almost threw my nook across the room I was so shocked. So just be prepared for it. But just a small freak out moment here. Go team Daemon! Everything is finally in place relationship wise just the way I like. It took two books but their finally there, and I am talking some very intimate gush worthy moments too.

So just in case you didn't pick up on it, I LOVE these books. I would suggest to anyone to go out and get them. I can almost guarantee that you will love them and won't be able to finish them fast enough. Definitely 5 stars. I have to say Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of my new favorite authors and I can not wait for the next 2 books in the Lux series to come out. So excited! SQUEAL!!!!

-Kayla :)

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