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Deep By: Kylie Scott

I just want to start by saying thank you so so much to Michelle over at St. Martin's Press for sending me my advanced readers copy of this book. I absolutely appreciate it, and was so happy to receive the book. You made my day :)


 Their one night stand wasn't supposed to end this way…

Positive. With two little lines on a pregnancy test, everything in Lizzy Rollins' ordinary life is about to change forever. And all because of one big mistake in Vegas with Ben Nicholson, the devastatingly sexy bass player for Stage Dive. So what if Ben's the only man who's ever made her feel out of control with desire? Lizzy knows the gorgeous rock star isn't looking for anything more permanent than a good time, no matter how much she wishes differently.

Ben knows Lizzy is off limits. Completely and utterly. She's his best friend's little sister, and no matter how hot the chemistry between them, no matter how sweet and sexy she is, he's not going to go there. But when Ben has a moment of weakness in Sin City, he
learns that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there. Now he and Lizzie are connected in the deepest way possible...but will it lead to a true connection of the heart?
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Ok I just want to take a long minute to just SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!


Ok minute passed hehe...

This book was so amazing. I got into the series a little over a year ago when a friend introduced me to Lick through her Audible account. I absolutely loved the group of rockers and by the time I got to Play I was fully in love with the crazy drummer Mal. His larger than life personality kept me reading and soon enough I was dying to hear the sexy bearded bass players tale as well. Being that the main lady in this book Lizzy is the sister-in-law to the hottie drummer I knew I would get a good amount of my boy in this book too. But that was just a plus ;P

Ben has always been the more mysterious of the four rockers. We see little glimpses of him in the other three books, but only enough to know that he is the keep in the shadows type. And a huge ladies man. Ben has never found a reason to want to lived the shacked up life, and now hahaha he has a baby on the way. Talk about a shock lol. I loved seeing the laid back bass player not knowing what to do or how to handle the news Lizzy drops on him. 

Kylie Scott does a great job of once again bringing her lovable rockers to life, and I enjoy how real all the guys, and girls seem. I totally want to go to a Stage Dive show, right after I go get a tattoo out in Denver at the Marked by some hot tattoo artists hehe. *Dreamy far off look. If only my sexy book boyfriends existed lol

Ok so what is the best part of this book you ask? The smart humor between Kylie's characters. We see over and over in this series the amazing writing she produces but I have to say I think this one was my favorite in the humor department. Lizzy had me rolling more times then not, and I will have to show ya'll a pic at the end of this of my ARC. There are like a billion little post-it's where I marked the lines that made me laugh. I'm a big believer in active reading hehe. (I actually became a little manic with it these past couple weeks. I read Confess by Colleen Hoover before this one, and had a very possessed moment where I couldn't find the new stickies I had bought and just HAD to mark all the amazingness Colleen was dishing out. Same with Deep too.) Yeah weirdo book lover here;) 
Anyhoo the humor is amazing. But the thing I loved even more would have to be the style of writing in this book. While Kylie's characters all seem to have some form of text conversation here and there, a good third of this book was written in text form. I think it was a great way to show the relationship between the two and made for a much lighter teasing mood for the book. It was a way for Ben to better express himself I thought. For a man who didn't seem to say very much, he always tended to say what he was thinking through the text messages he and Lizzy sent back and forth.

Something else I liked about this book was how it bounced between past and present. Usually I get kinda annoyed by this kinda thing because it can be hard to follow sometimes, but Kylie did such a great job at it, that I found myself wanting more of each part of the story. While the books is in chronological order to the other three, it is technically the farthest into the story we have been before and picks up a few months further in the future than the third book Lead left off at. At first it left a lot of questions as to what happened between the Stage Dive crew, but soon enough all the blanks were filled in and we were caught back up to the present time. This book is also the first to really have the band on a full time tour. We got little snip it's from it as the other books progressed but as the events of the story went the tour would either get delayed for some outside reason. I liked seeing the guys on tour doing their thing. It gave us a bigger glimpse into the rock star lives they live, and helped to show just how different they were now that almost all the band was with their girls. except dumb Ben who was enjoying what he still considered the single life, even though we all know the rock god was all about him some Lizzy. 

Ok so this point isn't really a negative, more of just a  dislike. And I swear I'm not complaining because this is an intricate part of the story and was very much needed I think... but, I really hated how mad Mal and Anne were at Ben. I mean I know knocking up your best friends wife's little sister is not cool, but I really wanted to smack around my lovable drummer for getting so mad. Crap happens, and if the rolls had been switched Mal would have been defending the crap out of his actions, telling everyone that it was none of their business who he was with, and how nothing would stop him from being with who he wanted. He pretty much did that with Anne, but hey who's mentioning that lol.
Like I said though, I understand the need for them to be that way, and I really don't think the book would be the same without Anne's quick whit when it came to and I quote "The bearded wonder" or even better yet "The Sperminator". Their disdain for said bearded wonder gave the story a much more complex story line and worked as a whole to make Ben and Lizzy's relationship deeper, and more complicated. (No pun intended)

Something else about this book that I really enjoyed was Lizzy herself. Until this book Lena so far had been my favorite of Kylie's female cast, but I think Lizzy has almost tied for that spot. Her character had me laughing so many times it made for me reading in public almost impossible. I can even admit to being caught out at the kids I nanny's softball practice grinning like a moron. Here I am reading this book with this sexy half clothed rocker on it at a ten year old's practice smiling like a complete fool. Needless to say the mom that saw gave me this really weird look and it took everything in me not to want to turn tale and run to the bathroom or something to hide. I must have been about 5 shades of red afterwards.
Something else that made Lizzy so great was that she was relatable to me. While the other girls are not old, the other three are a bit older than then Lizzy, well except Ev back during Lick who was twenty one. But to me Ev never seemed that young. She had a maturity about her that always made her seem much older. Lizzy is the same age as me, going through college in a fairly similar track as me, and I just found myself relating so much more to her. Between her texting style, sarcasm, and fiery temper I felt myself going "you go girl" on more than one occasion. Plus her trying to rain in the cursing so "Bean", her unborn baby wouldn't come out swearing like a sailor made me giggle. I live with my sisters three kids and do the exact thing around them. And let me tell you, as a twenty one year old who lived on her own before moving in with small children who repeat everything you say, that is a ridiculously hard habit to break. Like I said, I have a similar temper to Lizzy when I get mad and just felt like her character was the walking embodiment of a lot of what I experience in day to day life. I love how Kylie can create such realistic characters. It makes the novels so much more relatable and I fall in love with her characters the more I get of them.

Ok your probably wondering why I had a gush session for Lizzy, I mean I know my normal style is to have some long butt paragraph for my love of the males and it's coming, because I loved Ben. I just felt like in this one I actually found myself more drawn to Lizzy, plus my love is Mal and hey I can't be cheating on him with Ben, no matter how sexy hehe.

So... On to Ben. The first thing I would like to point out is that this cover while extremely hot, and sexy, does Ben no justice at all. The guy has a full beard and a man bun at times for crying out loud and I kinda wish the cover model did too *pout.
But like I said whoever that tattooed beauty is on the cover, I do not disapprove of you, just wish you had a bit more hair present. You go sexy man model, I give you permission to come knocking any day ;P

Well, now that that is through back to Ben. I have never really had a whole lot of love for the facial hair thing, but after reading this book I am dying to get my hands on someone with it. And all these pictures Kylie keeps posting on her Facebook page are doing me in. I mean those men are sexy! and I so approve of the man bun now. Thank you Kylie for opening my world to the wonders of facial hair and buns lol.
I love how easy going Ben is though. The man lets everything just roll off him, ok maybe not the best way to go abut things when considering you got someone knocked up, but other than that it works. He is the one guy in the band that really enjoys his life, and what he does. He never lets things get to him and I love the spark I see when he starts talking about his music and love for it. I mean I know he's fictional and all, but we rarely see someone who truly enjoys what they do for a living, and it was refreshing to see someone so dedicated and getting pure joy from it. Although let it be noted that while that is great and all the boy needed to pull his head out of you know where and get his crap together when it came to Lizzy. While he was doing the right thing staying away from her because of his dedication to his best friend, I wanted him to really show Lizzy how he truly felt. You could see how much he was falling for her and I hated that he held back so much. I am definitely the shipper in my group of friends, and make it my life's mission to put people together. So I was dying not being able to push those two into each others arms.
So I feel the need to point this out just because, but I love that Ben was older than Lizzy. I myself tend to go for the older of men and liked that while there was a pretty significant age gap, Ben never took advantage of it. He didn't treat Lizzy like a little girl and I got all warm and fuzzy over the sexy older man acting as he did, when he wasn't being a fool about his woman. 

Ok so just a warning for those of you who follow this series. The witch is back! *Tune from Wizard of Oz played now 
(Insert Capital B in place of W, gotta keep this review somewhat clean so Amazon won't boot my review... Again)

Hurry quick someone get a bucket of water to throw on her. 

So because we are dealing with a story about Ben, it is only fitting that his Wicked Witch of New York sister came back into the picture. Martha is back and in even better form from her appearance in Lick. I mean talk about wanting to punch someone, that chick needs a swift kick to the head. Except for the end of Deep, ya'll will see. I think that may have been the only time i actually liked the girl. Other than that, what I wouldn't give to see the girl get his with a lightning bolt or something. 
But I must say I am intrigued about a spin off story about her. Kylie does the lovely job of sparking a very interesting possible romance for the witch and now I want to see it play out. Evil author for leaving me hanging like that lol

So I'm sure you can already tell, but over all this book was amazing, and I am so sad to see it end. I love the Stage Dive crew and would read books about them forever. But I guess like everything all good things must come to an end. Although I am calling serious shenanigans and will raise holy hell to get more of The Witch and a certain security guards story *Hint Hint Kylie lol
These book are one of my favorites and I just want to say thanks Kylie for writing such amazing characters and giving us such great books. It really was a great ride and I cannot wait to see what you have planned next.

I give Deep:

Here is a really bad picture of me when I met Kylie last summer at Bookbash for your enjoyment as well. She looks amazing, me eh, I was so excited my eyes went all squinty and I had this annoyingly big grin plastered across my face. To which my really good friend that went with me, teased me relentlessly about lol

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