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Cover Reveal: Resilience Travis' Story (Book 4 In The Intertwined Series) By: Emily R. Zajac

Hey ya'll, so if you haven't heard I have the privilege of working as Author Emily R. Zajac's PA, and her new book resilience finally has a cover. And It is sexxxyyyy hehe.
Be on look out for it when it comes out on Halloween. And be sure to join our Facebook Release weekend party on Nov 1--2.

We are so happy to share the cover of Emily R. Zajac's new book Resilience Travis' Story. Book four of the Intertwined series. Be sure to pick up your copy on October 31, 2014 when it is released.

Resilience Travis Story: book 4 of the Intertwined Series
By Emily R. Zajac
Publication date: October 31, 2014

Book Synopsis:

I had thought Travis and I had got to a point in our lives where we could be happy. He had never given up on me, even when I refused him. We had gone through hell and back to get to this point, and now we had more than just ourselves to think about. I felt good, but that all changed in the blink of an eye. I was left shattered, angry, and worried.
Blake Carson. He had taken everything from us.
From me.
I never saw it coming, and it left me wondering if my life would ever be the same. I believed in fighting for your life. Only, I had no idea where to start.
Blake hadn’t just taken my happiness, but my ability to see the world with light. He was obsessed. He was dangerous. And, he wouldn’t give up. Not until he got revenge on me, on my family.
He had ruined everything.
He had left Travis Black, the man I loved, fighting to keep his life.
Would he ever stop? Would he ever let me go?
I didn’t know. I did know that he wasn’t finished. He was far from finished. He had plans. Plans that involved me and my Lucas.
Plans that involved our lives.
My name is Audra McCoy and I was left with two choices.
Walk away alive.

Or dead.

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About Emily R. Zajac:

Emily R. Zajac is the author of The Intertwined Series and The Beautiful Sinner. She lives in Mountain View, Arkansas with her husband and their wonderful son. During her down time, Emily loves reading or just spending time with her family. She had always loved writing, but never published until a certain author friend of hers gave her the help she needed. Emily truly enjoys writing books with suspense and romance. 
If you would like to contact her, you can find her on Facebook and Twitter, also feel free to shoot her an email. Emily always enjoys hearing from her readers and looks forward to meeting new ones along the way.

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I slowly made my way over to it, and then sucked in a sharp breath. My hand flew to my mouth, and I started crying. I could feel my stomach start to roll.

 “No…no…no…no!” I said as I fell back against the wall.

            In front of me was a complete wall covered in pictures, maps, and everything else you could think a stalker would have. He had pictures of every one of my family members, including Travis. He had pictures of times I had been back in Arkansas, and I thought he was in Florida. He had pictures of Travis’ home, my mothers, my grandpa’s, and Travis’ parents. He had pictures of me when I was out shopping with my mother, with Travis, and he even had pictures of Travis’ truck. I wanted to vomit as I saw another picture on the wall. This one was before I even knew Blake, but I had met him right afterwards. I cried into my hand, and then the sickness took over.

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