Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Possible Cover Reveal?? Of Neptune By: Anna Banks

Hey ya'll so I was browsing Facebook like all bored college students and came across a web page that sells jewelry inspired by some of the book series that I love and when I went to look at the merch I discovered the new book cover for Of Neptune, and then found it again on Goodreads after further investigating to see if it was a real cover or not. I haven't seen anything for it on Anna banks blog yet for it so there is still a possibility that this is not the official cover, but I thought I would share what I found with you guys.
So here ya go..

I must say that I do like this cover and hope that it is the official one. And as far as covers go this one makes me wonder exactly what is going to happen. Anna Banks has already said that this book should be pretty good and will "knock us on our proverbial butts" so with that said I am totally stoked to see how this amazing series will end.
Sad face though because no ARC's but Banks has said that even though the book is on "lock down" she will be posting quotes and trying to get the first 5 chapters posted if possible. So maybe there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

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