Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Moonlight Sins (de Vincent #1) By: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Oh-Em-Ge ya'll!!! This book!!!
I absolutely loved it so much. I need to thank Jen and her team, and also the lovely people over at Harper Collins/Avon Books for the ARC of this book. I can't thank you enough 😊😊😊

Julia Hughes has always played it safe until she learned a very painful lesson. Now Julia’s starting over with a job in the Louisiana bayou—and a scorching encounter with a stranger, only to discover he’s Lucian de Vincent... her new employer. The de Vincent brothers share a massive fortune and a dark reputation. Julia cares for their troubled sister, but a menacing presence in the mansion—and the ever-present temptation of Lucian—prove dangerously distracting.

Lucian’s grandmother claimed de Vincent men fall in love once—and hard. Apparently, it’s Lucian’s turn. Julia’s compassionate care of his twin makes Lucian want to lay himself bare. But some secrets are better for Julia not to know.

The recent “suicide” of Lucian’s father is the latest in a string of deaths on the estate. Someone is eliminating the de Vincents. And the best way to get to Lucian may be through Julia...

This book is hands down, this book is my favorite read of this winter so far.

I have been waiting not so patiently to start this pretty since Jen announced it. And then I've been sitting on my review copy for a while because life got in the way of my reading.
But since I had some awesome time off for the holiday, I figured I'd catch up on a bunch of reading.

So of course, I had to push MOONLIGHT SINS to the top of my holiday TBR.

And man am I happy and sad I did. I'm happy, because Duh! This book was freaking amazing! It had some of my favorite JLA characters to date, and the story line was just phenomenal. But I'm so sad that I'm gonna have to wait until summer of 2018 now for the next. (Curse of reading an advanced copy haha)

But let's get to it.

This book drew me in in true JLA fashion. She has this way of pulling you into her books so quickly, that you can't help but love them early on.
And man, the de Vincent's drew me in haha.

Like most of the men Jen writes, The de Vincent brothers just captivate you. You want to really dig in and get more and more of these hot as sin characters. Especially the tantalizing Lucian.
He's so complex, and you honestly can pick up on that from chapter one. There's so many sides to the man. And you just want to keep peeling back all the layers to see what lies inside.

Plus I adored Julia. As many of you know. I'm not really a big female character fan. There's usually something that annoys me or puts me off to them early on in a book. And I struggle to ever relate well.
But Julia was such an interesting strong character. She's so compassionate and caring. And I loved watching her go toe to toe with Lucian.
The two make an odd, but complementary pair when they interact. And I found they're easy banter and quick whit fun and flirty.

Plus we can't not talk about the other de Vincent brothers. Devlin and Gabe intrigue me just as much as Lucifer himself does. And with nicknames like Demon and Devil I don't know how they can't haha.
Especially Gabe. I want more of him for real!! He's funny and a little crazy even I think. (And just so everyone knows. I was totally bummed that some particular things didn't go down that were suggested. Like so bummed, but I like a little extra dose of dirty now and then haha)

Devlin on the other hand kinda scars me. He's just so cold and calculating. And man does it set up an interesting glimpse of the future for the series I think. I want more in his head. To see just how he ticks and can be so callous to every one around him. If he really doesn't feel the way us normal people would.

And let's not forget the plot in general.

Like danggg!! Jen set us up for a great thriller. There were so many twists and turns. And I just never knew what was going to happen. Although I did have a few guesses as the story progresses.

I love these mystery thrillers Jen seems to be putting out lately. Between this one, and Till Death back near the start of 2017. I just can't get over how deeply Jen pulls me into the story. And can really through my super sniffer off. I'm so good at guessing. And Jen always makes me second guess myself and what I think is going to happen.
But this book just has such great flow. It's the fill mix of the characters with the plot. And with the suspense and intrigue. It just does it all. And leads to such a great balanced story.

And come on. The steamy sexy time doesn't hurt one bit 😉😉😉
That and the thrill this book gives make for an awesome mix.

So just in case you couldn't tell...

MOONLIGHT SINS gets without any doubt at all
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 STARS⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Like 100 if I honestly could hehe

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