Friday, November 10, 2017

Love Me By Christmas By: Jaci Burton

I want to send a huge thank you to Sullivan and Partners for sending this beauty out for review. Ya'll are amazing. And I can't thank you enough for how good you take care of us bloggers.

Ellie Washington lost her husband in a tragedy five years ago at Christmas. She wouldn’t have made it through her grief if not for her husband’s brother, Nick, who helped her pick up the pieces of her shattered life. And with every year, her feelings for Nick have grown. Now she realizes she might be in love with him, but that’s not fair, because Nick deserves a life that isn’t about his brother’s widow and son.

Sharing his life with Ellie and her son has been the balm that soothed Nick’s soul after losing his brother. Now that friendship has turned into something deeper. Nick doesn’t want to upset the status quo, but someone has to make the first move, and it’s time they figure out if their feelings are real. Nick believes in what they have. He also believes in Christmas miracles, and he thinks they’re both long overdue for one.

So before this book, the only Jaci Burton ones I had read had been her sports romances (which I absolutely love FYI)
So of course when the opportunity to read and review this baby came up, I just had to snap it up.
And I mean literally. It made it to my kindle and I for realisies snapped up my kindle and got lost in this amazing book for a few hours until I had to go to work.

Jaci just has this way of writing stories that really pull you in. She writes some incredibly relatable and when it comes down to it, pretty dimensional characters as well.

You can sympathize with them so well. And I always find myself so drawn into their stories.

But it isn't just her ability to write such memorable characters either. It's the story itself too. She wrote such an adorable holiday story. And yes, there were parts that just made me ache for these characters, but I couldn't help but just love how their story progressed. Watching the romance bloom.

This book honestly kinda took me on a ride.
It's such a cute little Christmas book. 

I loved the almost hallmark movie type quality the story had. Because let's face it. I am a hallmark Christmas movie addict, so what can I say? haha.

But the story itself was pretty sweet and special. It was a sentimental one. And honestly just a pure good holiday romance.

I'm not sure this classifies as a 2nd chance romance in the traditional sense. Since it isn't the whole 2 people falling out and than finding each other again. But more a being able to move forward from tragedy type thing, with the person you don't think you should be with.
But that's kinda what I consider this one in way.
I liked how sweet the underlining theme was on this one.

My only complaint honestly, was my issues with Ellie. It's no secret I'm never the fondest of female characters. It's rare I like one. And sadly Ellie didn't do it for me. I just didn't like her wishy washyness for a majority of the book. I found myself wanting to reach into the book and strangle her. Tell her to get it together haha. But at the same time I could understand where she was coming from too. And as I said, the characters are all pretty dimensional, so that's really just one part of who she is through the book. 

And we can't forget that adorable little boy and the one hunky man that redeemed my little issues (that are purely mine. And not anything against the story plot itself. I'm weird like that)

They added that nice buffer and almost tenderness I needed to kinda understand why Ellie was the way she was. Even if it drove me crazy.
And Nick, he's just one of those characters you fall in insta-love with. He's so kind and caring. And oh man...The total sweetheart package. And the way he is with his nephew. A girl can't help but adore that haha.

⭐⭐⭐⭐4 STARS⭐⭐⭐⭐

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