Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cover Reveal: His Damaged Redemption By: Emily R. Zajac

Hey ya'll I am so excited to help share these awesome covers for Emily R. Zajac's newest book His Damaged Redemption.

Emily is an amazing author and I can say that this book is pretty amazing. Believe me I know, I've read it already hehe

In this double reveal of sorts we hope that you enjoy both the E-book and paperback covers.

Releasing December 15, 2015

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Kaden Gage
thought it was over for him. He had no idea it was just the beginning. He was dead to everyone around him until he couldn't pretend anymore. Lost and bitter, Kaden gives up. He was ready to pay for his crimes. Placed under arrest after a hit and run, Kaden is put in the hospital and awaiting trial. He is out of options and out of time. But when a woman makes him see something within himself that he thought was never an option for a faceless man, Kaden will have to decide. Give up or fight for the man behind the mask?

Larkin Henley
had a normal life. Working as a nurse in the Hampton Medical Center, being a big sister and dealing with her best friend, Tristan Archer. But she was also lost. Until she walks through the door of her new patient. Kaden Gage. He's repulsive. Violent. Bitter. Has no remorse for his life or those around him. She knows that trusting him isn't smart. But she was tired of doing the smart thing. Kaden was real. Unlike everyone in her life. But it wasn't easy when everyone in your life kept telling you it would end badly.

And, they were right. 

A few days after his release from the hospital, Larkin learns that he has escaped again but not before injuring a police officer and taking the life of another. She's left questioning everything she thought about the man until comes home one night to find a wounded and bleeding Kaden in her apartment. Larkin is forced to make a choice. Turn him in or help him. It should be easy except he's claiming to be innocent this time. But proving you're innocent when you're already facing life in prison for crimes you committed in your past is near impossible and everyone is running out of time. There's only two questions left now.

Who is innocent? 

Who is guilty? 

A cop. A criminal. A nurse.

Don't trust anyone.

Emily R. Zajac is the bestselling author of The Beautiful Sinner. She lives in Mountain View, Arkansas with her husband, son, and their pitbull, Pandora. When not hard at work writing, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.  Emily is currently working on her next novel.

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