Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cover Reveal/Early Release Announcement: The Repulsive Saint (Sinner Series #2) By: Emily R. Zajac

I am so excited to share the cover of Emily Zajac's new book The Repulsive Saint with you. 
Being her PA I had the opportunity to read it early and let me just tell you it is intense, crazy, and absolutely amazing.
Ya'll will love it :)

Thank you for joining us for the cover reveal of Emily R. Zajac's new book The Repulsive Saint. Book two in the sinner series. We are so excited to share this cover with you and hope that everyone loves it.

The Repulsive Saint releases February 20, 2015

And as a special announcement Emily has decided to release the book early and it is available today so be sure to hop on over and grab your copy today :)

Alyssa Dawn had seen tragedy. Cameron was gone, leaving her feeling more alone than ever before. But that wasn’t her biggest problem. She had Faith, a newborn baby girl, whom she’d do anything to protect. Alyssa works part time, raises her little girl, and refuses to let anything or anyone near her broken heart again. But that is harder said than done when your past doesn't want to let you go.

Cameron Drake walked away, leaving the woman he loved to help the one person who had been his only family. It was simple. He needed to find him, convince him to turn himself over, and go back. But things aren’t simple, and now he’s stuck being doing what’s right for his heart and what’s right in general. But when a deal goes south, Cameron is left doing the only thing he can. Becoming the person he tried so hard to run away from. And hope that the darkness doesn't hold him hostage. Forever.

Kaden Gage knew he failed everyone, including his brother Ashton, he had never thought different though. But running is the only option he’s left with, that is until his best friend shows up to convince him differently. Kaden knows that turning himself over is the last thing he wants to do, but he can’t help feel that maybe Cameron is right. But when Faith, his first born, ends up in the hospital, Kaden decides it might be the last and first time he gets to see her. Things don’t always go your way though. Before he reaches her, his dark past catches them. Leaving him in a burning car, and Cameron……gone.
Three lives, so very different, but all connected, must learn to work together.
Before it’s too late. 

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About The Author:
Emily R. Zajac is the bestselling author of The Beautiful Sinner. She lives in Mountain View, Arkansas with her husband and son. When not writing, Emily loves spending time with her family and reading. She's a fan of many types of books. You can find Emily at via Author Emily R. Zajac or you may email her at She always enjoys hearing for her readers. 

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