Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Fallen By: Lauren Kate Movie News!!!

Well it's official. We finally have a Cam cast for the new movie. It has taken forever to find out but Lauren Kate posted on her web page and Facebook late last night about the new news.

So without further ado Cam will be played by: DUN DUN DUNN

Harrison Gilbertson

Kate says that she is crazy about Harrison and she loved his audition tape. That he will fit the roll of bad boy Cam perfectly.

I have mixed emotions on how I feel about Harrison. I can't say too much because Lauren Kate helped pick him out herself so obviously he fits the image she had in mind. But for me Harrison is just to much of a pretty boy and seems to me to just be too young to be playing sexy Cam. I did find some more pictures of Harrison and they did make me consider him for the roll just a little more. But I'm just so on the fence. To tell the truth I seriously could picture Harrison as a One Direction member rather than Cam.
What are ya'll's opinions on Harrison Gilbertson? Is he anything close to how you pictured cam to be?

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