Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bear With Me.

Hey ya'll. In Between The Pages is my new blog for reviews, thoughts, and or anything else relating to YA, Paranormal Romance, and teen fiction books. I'm new at this so your gonna have to bear with me and give me a few weeks to get a hang this. I hope to be able to make a new post at least once a week but hopefully more. A little to know about me. I'm a college student, and I love to read. Obviously lol. But I'm also big into almost any kinds of music, and movies and spend most of my free time doing one of the three. I'm open to comments once I figure out how to put the capability on my site and I hope to get my first real review up within the week. I'm also open to suggestions of new books to read that I haven't heard of yet. Thanks for popping in. Hopefully a friend I started this idea with will be able to start helping me post reviews here soon too, and shes way better at spelling than I am lol. 
More to come.
-Kayla :)

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