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Cover Reveal: Listen To Me By: Kristen Proby

We are so excited to bring you the Cover Reveal for Kristen Proby’s LISTEN TO ME. Releasing April 12, 2016, LISTEN TO ME is the first novel in Kristen’s Fusion Series, published by William Morrow. Be sure you preorder this one today!

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 In New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby’s brand new series, five best friends open a hot new restaurant, but one of them gets much more than she bargained for when a sexy former rock star walks through the doors—and into her heart. Seduction is quickly becoming the hottest new restaurant in Portland, and Addison Wade is proud to claim 1/5 of the credit. She’s determined to make it a success and can’t think of a better way to bring in new customers than live music. But when former rock star Jake Keller swaggers through the doors to apply for the weekend gig, she knows she’s in trouble. Addie instantly recognizes him—his posters were plastered all over her bedroom walls in high school—he’s all bad boy...exactly her type and exactly what she doesn’t need. Jake Keller walked away from the limelight five years ago and yearns to return to what’s always driven him: the music. If he gets to work for a smart-mouthed, funny-as-hell bombshell, all the better. But talking Addie into giving him the job is far easier than persuading her that he wants more than a romp in her bed. Just when she begins to drop her walls, Jake’s past finally catches up with him. Will Addie be torn apart once again or will Jake be able to convince her to drown out her 
doubts and listen to her heart?  

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About Kristen Proby: 

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kristen Proby is the author of the popular With Me in Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type—fiercely protective and a bit bossy—and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, and sunshine. And naps. Visit her at      

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Crush (The Tainted Love Duet #2) By: Kim Karr

I want to send a huge thank you out to Kim Karr for sending out these ARC's and writing such an amazing book. Logan and Elle are now two of my favorite fictional people and I can't tell you enough how much it means to be able to read and review this book and the series in general. I've has a blast reading them and have had a lot of fun with the few tweets back and forth of me professing my love for them hehe

Congrats on your newest release Kim.
And I hope I can convince all you wonderful readers to go grab your copy of Crush today :)

Logan McPherson and Elle Sterling continue to thrill in this powerful conclusion to the tantalizing, provocative, and unexpected sizzling romance that began in BLOW.
The danger isn’t over.
It’s only just begun.
Circumstances brought them together and their undeniable connection won’t let them part. But when the past and the present collide, emotions run high—things are said, lines are crossed, and rules are broken. Both focused on crushing the enemy, the retribution is almost too much to bear. Still, there’s no undoing what has already been done, and every action has a consequence.
He loves her and she loves him, but love isn’t a shield.
Sometimes your only choice is the one you’d rather not make. Pushed to the limit, the tainted love of Logan and Elle is in jeopardy. With outside forces driving a wedge between them, they have to dig deep within their souls to release the ghosts of their pasts, and fight even harder for what neither knew they needed—each other.
Can love really conquer all?


I mean seriously, this book was so so good. I wasn't sure Kim Karr could outdo herself after the amazingness that was Blow, and yet... This book did that.

I have been going through a heck of a week, I mean everything that could go wrong lately has (My computer died on me, I have been battling a killer case of insomnia, and Thursday while I was driving on the interstate through construction my car died leaving me stranded on the side of I-75 in GA waiting for a tow truck to come. That was the worst and most scary probably) . And it really has taken a toll on me these past few days. But through all that I did happen to have one very good constant. I had Logan and Elle, and when I say they were a good distraction from my crazy reality I'm not lying.
See not sleeping leaves one with a lot of  time for things. Like setting up a new computer 4 times because the one you bought either doesn't charge, or crashes every time you restart it. It also leaves you with a ton of time to contemplate every bad decision you've ever made in your life from the age 13 on. There are a lot of song lyrics involved in that one for some reason hehe.
But the best thing not sleeping left me with was... a whole lot of reading time. (And review time apparently, because its already 2:30 AM and I'm only just now beginning to start yawning while I type.)

So pretty much long story short. I had a lot of free time to read and I filled it with a couple good books. I've had a bit of a lull between the November and December ARC's I've had to get read, and got some free book time (First time in a while that's happened). So after finishing Kristen Callihan newest Game On series book The Game Plan, I jumped right into my copy of Crush. which just s happen to break me into a new round of ARC's.
I mean I have been dying to get my hands all over this book in general, so you can bet it was a top priority to get started.

I fell in love with Kim's characters Logan and Elle, and was waiting very impatiently I might add, to find out what was going to happen to them.

This book, much like Blow was a whole crazy train of suspense and intrigue. Some new players were added to the insane world Kim created, and aided to thicken the plot to banana pudding proportions. It seriously left me guessing the whole time, and let me tell you... Once I make a guess about a book, I'm not typically far off. I joke about it being my "book mojo" and this is one of only 3 or so books that's proved my bookish super power wrong. (Usually the only person who's been able to do this is the author I'm best friends with and PA for. And most of the time I get it wrong because I tell her my theories and she purposely changes things to screw with me. We really have a way of showing the love huh? lol)
But I will say I like books that can leave me like this. I really do try not to guess because I think it can take away from the experience of the book, but I had fun attempting to figure this book out. Even if I wound up being wrong in the end. (Oh and just so you know... I felt good about my guess. I mean it was something no one would have expected and would have blown everyone's minds. Although now that I think about it, those sound like good reasons to show why I was probably wrong hehe. What can I say I like thinking out of the box. (And in this case, so far out of the box I couldn't see the box apparently haha)

And something I was all too excited to see in this book were some familiar faces. And this is actually kinda funny, because if you remember my review to Blow you know that it took me a while to realize that this series is a spin off of Kim's book Toxic. I had this sort of mind blowing epiphany moment when I realized it, and was pulling open a copy of Toxic to start comparing things all over again.
So knowing full well what I was getting into now I was waiting to see who all I might spot. And I spotted all right. But I'm mean so I wont say whole I spotted and just let you figure that all out when you go read the book for yourself.

So lets get down to the good stuff shall we?
There were a lot of reasons why I liked this book so much. Firstly it is just written extremely well. Kim has this way of creating stories and characters that really pull you in from the start. And this book did just that. Although really after the way Blow ended you would have had to take drastic measures to keep me from this one.
Something else that I really enjoyed about this book was the suspense. Like I sort of talked about earlier, this book left me guessing the whole time. Kim did such a good job at keeping the readers in the dark and detracting us with smaller things throughout the book. There were so many different things going on at once and it spun this beautifully elaborate story. As soon as one problem would be resolved another would occur.

There's another that I really liked about this book but I'm going to save it for a few and talk about characters first. (Because they are a big part of why I fell for this book the way I did)
I'm sure you know if you followed my Blow review, I fell in love with Logan. He is an amazing character and the chemistry between him and Elle was like a firework going off. But something that I found I liked the most about these two was that they both kind of broken when they found each other. Elle had some serious issues to work out from her childhood and Logan was dealing with some nasty demons from his youth as well. (Ya ya ya I know you're looking at me like I'm crazy for liking that about them. But let me explain myself better.)
Sometimes when two broken people come together they can sort of make a whole with the broken pieces and it works. They find what they need in the other and are happy. But in this case, while that does happen. Logan and Elle also help each other to heal those broken pieces on top of blending them together. They both understand the others hang ups and worries and work to mend them and make each other stronger. I love characters that can do that for each other.Where you just know that they are meant to be in every way possible. No matter what has happened to them or will happen to them as they go through their lives.

So let me break down these two now for you.
I'll start with Elle.
So I tend to have a bad habit of not really liking most female characters I read. (I don't know why I just get overly judgy with them most of the time)
But I really did like Elle in this series. She's been through a lot in her life, and has been on her own for quite a while.
So when she settles in Boston to help find her missing sister and take care of her baby niece, it gives her purpose, and someone to finally form a link to keep her there.
I really liked how compassionate Elle was for her niece Clementine. Like I said, she drops everything to come help her brother in law with her and as a person who's extremely close to my niece and two nephews I guess it was a way for me to connect to Elle.
But something that really stuck with me is how vulnerable she is. She hides behind her  rules when it comes to being close with men, and Elle is great at fending for herself. But when she really lets her true self out there, you see the girl that has been on her own for so long and is scared to let anyone close to her. And I like the balance that all of that makes. It lets you see Elle in a deeper dimension, and I am all about my multi dimensional characters.
It makes her more real. 
Something else that I really liked (I can already see the eye rolls coming people) is how strong Elle is too. I mean this girl goes through a ton after moving to Boston. People after her sister, threats against her niece,threats against her, threats against Logan... Other things I can't say without getting spoilery.
And yes, I know you just rolled your eyes because, Kayla... How can a character be vulnerable yatta yatta and be strong? Well, they can because they are both in different ways. Elle struggles when it comes to intimacy or being cared for, but she is also very concrete, someone who will do what she needs to to survive and protect the people around her.
And to be pretty honest Elle is pretty much a bad@$$. Like I previously stated. I can't give you much detail because I really don't want to ruin the book for you. But some events happen that shows how determined and head strong our girl is,and I was quite empresses by her.

So now lets move to my honey Logan.
As far as book boyfriends go, he makes my top 100 list (And there are 100's so that's a pretty high ranking)
He is this incredibly sweet guy that went through a lot growing up. His family is a bit eccentric???
But Logan is a very closed off guy too. And he has his reasons. If you read Blow you know what I'm talking about. So seeing him finally open up to someone like Elle brought out the warm and fuzzies.
I think something Kim did well with him in this book was push his character.Logan finally has the think that can bring him pure happiness, but he has to almost prove to himself that he deserves her.
He also has to be Elle's protector. Not because she can't defend herself, but because protecting her gives him a purpose, and allows him to make up for his past.
Something else about Logan I liked seeing in this book was his compassion. Logan is extremely close to his ex-mob boss grandfather Killian and I have to say I pretty much adored their relationship. Killian is the one who taught Logan some of the most important things in his life, and I really enjoyed his visits with the old guy. You could just tell that every time he talked about or to Killian it made him happy and also gave him the smarts to do what he needed to protect Elle and bring him closer to possibly taking down the whole Irish Mob and more importantly the player in town The Priest. Another way I think Logan showed this compassionate side was how sweet he was to Elle. She confesses something pretty big to him in this book that she thinks will completely wreck any future they have together, and he listens to what she has to say and then makes a decision I'm not sure many would choose.
And even after all of that, Logan becomes this rock to everyone around him. He's the driving force behind the group of misfits that's been put together to search for all these threats and hopefully take down the bad guys.
While he does sort of lose his $hit in a few places because of events that take place he manages to pull himself out of it with the help of Elle and his now friends.
He's just one of those characters that I admire for a lot of reasons and that I think is so well written you can just picture him and his story really happening. 
When we originally met him in Toxic he was this sort of mystery. The quite one who split his time between NYC and Boston and wouldn't give his friends much info on what was going on. And by the End of Crush we see him actually opening up to people. Making decisions for himself and for what he wants, rather than just following down a path that was set out in front of him by someone else.
Logan's greatest accomplishment through the whole series is finding his own voice. Deciding to do what he wants and not was either of his grandparents, the crazy son to the Irish mob boss, or his own demons want him to do.
I think showing that growth in him is an important part to the story. And really defines him in the end.

And speaking of endings. This was that other thing I said I would come back too.
The ending of this book was absolutely perfect. I mean it was so perfect in fact that my eyes even glassed over a bit after reading it.
It just made me so happy and so fulfilled reading an ending like the one Kim wrote for this book.
Maybe it's the sap in me or just the fact that I'm still waiting for my prince charming to find me, but seeing things turn out the way they did in this one just left me with this incredibly warm feeling. One that makes you stop after the last word is read, and just take a deep breath and process it all.
If I really let myself I'm sure I would have had a major book hangover after reading this one, but I had to jump right into another book so that didn't happen.
But be warned this book can do that to you. It will leave you with all these emotions and feelings when you finish and you will just have to sit back and let it all sink in. Then you close your Ereader and smile because you just finished this incredible book that takes you on a whirlwind journey and you need time to appreciate all it had to give.

Crush is without a doubt on my Kim Karr favorites list. I adore all her books, but this series just really sucked me in and I think it may be my favorite so far that she has written. No telling if that will be true as she writes more amazing books, but I look forward to what she has planned, and sincerely hope you check out The Tainted Love Duet Series and any/all of Kim's other books. You won't be disappointed :D

I give Crush: *****5 Stars*****

Blog Tour: Crush (The Tainted Love Duet #2) By: Kim Karr

crush book tour.jpg

Hey ya'll I ma so excited to get to be a part of this awesome tour today. I absolutely love Kim Karr's books, and Crush is no exception to that love.
I hope you go out and pick up a copy of it and Blow, the first book in this amazing duet today :)

Also I have an awesome excerpt from Crush to share with you today, and be sure to get entered in the Rafflecopter giveaway below for a $50 amazon gift card

crush live.jpg

The story continues, Will Love Conquer All?

CRUSH (book 2) is NOW LIVE!

Get your copy at:

crush cover.jpg

The danger isn’t over.
It’s only just begun.
Circumstances brought them together and their undeniable connection won’t let them part. But when the past and the present collide, emotions run high—things are said, lines are crossed, and rules are broken. Both focused on crushing the enemy, the retribution is almost too much to bear. Still, there’s no undoing what has already been done, and every action has a consequence.
He loves her and she loves him, but love isn’t a shield.
Sometimes your only choice is the one you’d rather not make. Pushed to the limit, the tainted love of Logan and Elle is in jeopardy. With outside forces driving a wedge between them, they have to dig deep within their souls to release the ghosts of their pasts, and fight even harder for what neither knew they needed—each other.
Can love really conquer all?
‪#‎taintedlove‬ ‪#‎weshouldhaveknownbetter‬

crush kim karr teaser.jpg

Elle Sterling
The coolness of the night air had begun to set in. With the suddenly harsher wind, Lindsay and I both felt the chill and even in our heels, we hastened our pace.
As soon as we walked into the hotel suite, I was assaulted by the tang of a sticky, sweet scent. It was the smell of pot. Never one to try it myself, in my travels I’d come across many people who had. Moldy grass was how I’d always described the smell.
Lindsay shot me a glance and confirmed my suspicion.
Hard rock blared through the open space. The patio doors were open and I saw the back of two heads flopped on the lounge chairs. Even over the music, I heard laughter rumbling into the room. I was glad that at least Logan was upbeat.
Lindsay started for them and looked at me. “Shhh.”
I followed, keeping my mouth shut.
We both approached, eager to see our men, but stopped at the edge of door to watch them. They were playing cards and a baggie of pot was on the floor.
James had changed and was now wearing sleep pants and a T-shirt. He had a cigar gripped between his teeth while he tossed two piles of cards onto the table between them.
Logan was still in his suit pants but had removed everything else. Everything. Outside in his pants only, I wondered how he wasn’t freezing until I looked up and saw the heat lamps were on.
“Baby, you’re going to stink,” Lindsay said loudly, breaking the silence.
Both men jerked their heads back.
The smile that spread across Logan’s face was slow and seductive.
The sight of him dried my throat and made my heart pound. Right then I didn’t care about anything but comforting him through kisses.
Lindsay was still talking, saying something about the rancid smell of the cigar.
Me, I was already leaning over Logan and placing my lips very close to his. “Are you okay?”
“I am now.”
“You sure?”
He nodded and said, “Don’t listen to James. He likes to be a drama queen.”
“I heard that.”
Ignoring James, Logan gave me a single tug and pulled me onto his lap. I found myself provocatively straddling him. His cards fell to the floor, but I heard no one complain. And then his hands anchored my hips as his mouth attacked mine, while my hands gripped his shoulders for support.
“Where are your clothes?” I managed to ask.
The corners of his lips tilted up. “We had a small wrestling match and my shirt took the brunt of the action.”
I laughed.
Boys will be boys.
My dress had ridden up and if anyone was looking, they could see my panties. I just didn’t care enough right then to see what James and Lindsay were doing.
I should have cared. I should have cared just how inebriated or high Logan was. I should have, but his primal response to my presence did something to me that made me want to be what he needed. Made me want to be wild and free for once in my entire life.
Maybe it was the Lindsay effect.
His kiss traveled from the corner of my mouth, along my jaw, to my throat.
My hands moved higher to toy with his hair behind his neck.
His teeth were sharp as they skidded across my skin, but the soft heat from his tongue soothed the burn.
I turned my head to give him full access, and that was when I saw Lindsay’s head moving towards James’s lap.
Again, I should have cared, but I just didn’t.
I wasn’t sure if Logan noticed, but he turned my chin to look at him. “We should go home,” he slurred. The way his eyes flickered over me so intensely made the idea of waiting for a cab and then riding home in one seem like it would take a lifetime.
With my hands flat on his bare chest, I found myself scooting up his body, stopping only when the soft fabric of my wet panties aligned perfectly with the tented fabric of his slacks. “I want you now,” I whispered.
Logan’s tongue flicked out to wet his lips. “I’m drunk, probably not the best idea.”
I raised myself ever so slightly and lowered my body, making the most exquisite contact with his erection. “I’m not and you seem just fine.”
His hand stroked my hair and pulled out the clip holding it up. “You want this? Here?”
My breath was wild. My nipples taut. My clit was pulsing. I realized I was excited. “Yes, I want you to take me here.”
His gaze slid to the side and so did mine. James was thrusting into Lindsay’s mouth. “James!” Logan shouted.
A grunt was his only reply.
“Hurry up and get the fuck inside, will you.”
Again, a grunt was his response.
Logan’s attention back on me, his hands threaded through my hair and slid over my shoulders and down my arms to capture my hands. He pressed our palms together so that our fingers were linked and drew in a shuddering breath. “You’re so beautiful. You know that?”
“I love you.” I’m not sure why I felt compelled to tell him that, but the way he looked at me when I did made me feel like we’d both found true love in each other, and all the worries that messed with my thoughts evaporated as his gaze flared. All that mattered was him. Comforting him. Getting him through this. Being here—for him.
He brought me to him with a hand to the back of my head, holding me in place while he kissed me breathless, maybe hard enough that he might have bruised my mouth.
Again, I didn’t care.
The kiss went on and on and when he finally pulled away, I hadn’t had nearly enough of him. It was when my eyes fell to the bag of joints on the ground that I realized Logan did not taste of thyme or moldy grass or smell like skunk, and I was a little glad that he hadn’t gotten high. I had a feeling he had struggled with drugs during his life and with my own father being an alcoholic, I was all too familiar with the claim that addictive habits were hereditary.
Another sideways glance on his part had my gaze following. “Finally,” he muttered. The lounge beside us was now empty, as was the living area. James and Lindsay must have gone into the bedroom. Logan must have been waiting for them to leave.
Knowing we were alone, lust won out over good sense and I stood and stripped myself naked.
Logan drew in a shuddering breath and stood as well, shedding his pants and underwear quickly.
I stared at him, naked and beautiful, and licked my lips. That card I’d seen in the store came to mind. Just because my issues might never allow me to be submissive didn’t mean I couldn’t be the dominant type.
He held out his hand for me to take it and instead I pointed to a chair next to the lounger. “Sit down.”
“Don’t you want to go inside?” he asked.
I shook my head. “No, sit down.”
He raised a brow.
I kept my finger pointed.
No one could see us up this high and with the heat lamps on, something about fucking outside felt incredibly erotic.
A slow, seductive smile spread across his lips, and as he sat his eyes looked like dark flames. The hazel was gone, replaced by dilated pupils that bled pure lust.
Since I was already drenched, he easily slid inside me as I sat on his cock.
The sensation of him filling me made me shout out, and Logan wasn’t exactly quiet himself. I heard pleasurable groans escape his throat.
This was what we both needed.
Each other.
I just hoped it would be like this forever.
My hands were not bound but they gripped the chair, my back was to his chest, and my legs were spread wide. I was open to him. Fully and completely open to him. In this position, I was his to do with whatever he pleased.
It was then I realized that in our relationship we didn’t need a dominant or a submissive. We only needed each other.
And as his palm found my breast and his fingers pressed against my clit, I closed my eyes and relished what I had with him.
For us…give and take was all we needed.

crush kim karr.jpg
Haven’t read this series yet?  
An Undeniable Love
A Tainted Attraction
An Unforgettable Story
Find out what everyone is talking about in Blow (Book One)

View the Blow Book Trailer here:

Meet Kim Karr

kim karr bio.jpgI live in Florida with my husband and four kids. I've always had a love for reading books and writing. Being an English major in college, I wanted to teach at the college level but that was not to be. I went on to receive an MBA and became a project manager until quitting to raise my family. I currently work part-time with my husband and full-time embracing one of my biggest passions—writing.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Cover Reveal: Inspire and Inflict By: Cora Carmack

AHHHHH I am so excited for this cover reveal today. Inspire is one of my favorite Cora Carmack books. It's actually the book that introduced me to her amazing writing and I cannot think of a better way to show my love than to share the new cover to Inspire and the even newer cover to the 2nd book in the series Inflict.

Hope ya'll love them as much as I do :D

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the dual cover reveal for Cora Carmack’s Muse Series! INSPIRE and INFLICT are New Adult Paranormal Romance novels and are book 1 and 2 in the Muse Series. INFLICT is due to be released in January 2016! These beautiful covers were designed by Regina Wamba of Mae I Design. Be sure to grab your copy of INSPIRE today!

Inspire - cover

Amazon eBook ** Amazon Paperback

INSPIRE (Book 1):

Kalliope lives with one purpose. To inspire. As an immortal muse, she doesn’t have any other choice. It’s part of how she was made. Musicians, artists, actors—they use her to advance their art, and she uses them to survive. She moves from one artist to the next, never staying long enough to get attached. But all she wants is a different life— a normal one. She’s spent thousands of years living lie after lie, and now she’s ready for something real. Sweet, sexy, and steady, Wilder Bell feels more real than anything else in her long existence. And most importantly… he’s not an artist. He doesn’t want her for her ability. But she can’t turn off the way she influences people, not even to save a man she might love. Because in small doses, she can help make something beautiful, but her ability has just as much capacity to destroy as it does to create. The longer she stays, the more obsessed Wilder will become. It’s happened before, and it never turns out well for the mortal. Her presence may inspire genius. But it breeds madness, too.  

Inspire - full cover wrap

And check out the gorgeous cover for INFLICT, coming January 2016!

Inflict -cover

About INFLICT (Book 2):

Inflict - full cover wrap

Wilder Bell made a dangerous bargain... For a chance at love, he gave up his life. History knew Kalliope as an ancient Greek muse, but to Wilder, she was simply the woman he wanted to fall asleep with every night and wake up next to every morning. He made a deal with Hades, but the only thing the Lord of the Underworld deals in is death. Now Wilder is wasting away in a cold and wretched afterlife, waiting for Kalli to come for him. She will come. He has to believe that. Because the alternative is worse than death. Kalliope lived her entire existence knowing that she was both a blessing and a curse to anyone she encountered. Wilder was no different. She loved him, and she got him killed. Now to get him back, she’ll have to face a scheming god, a perilous task, and death itself. But before it’s done, the Underworld will take more from her than she ever thought possible. To be made whole, all must first be lost.        

Cora Carmack - author picAbout Cora Carmack: Cora Carmack is a twenty-something writer who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She’s done a multitude of things in her life– boring jobs (like working retail), fun jobs (like working in a theatre), stressful jobs (like teaching), and dream jobs (like writing). Raised in a small Texas town, she now lives in New York City and spends her time writing, traveling, and marathoning various television shows on Netflix. In her books, you can expect to find humor, heart, and a whole lot of awkward. Because let’s face it . . . awkward people need love, too. Her first book, LOSING IT, was a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.

Website ** Twitter ** Facebook **Newsletter **Author Goodreads**

INSPIRE Goodreads ** INFLICT Goodreads

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